Little Black Book

Posted: June 9, 2012 in comedy
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That movie completely caught me off guard!

Little Black Book

Review: I wonder when and why this movie was put on my to-watch-list, but bless God! Okay, I actually wasn’t very confident in watching that movie, because it seemed like any other Hollywood movie, being romantic and stuff. Let me tell you something, this movie isn’t only romantic, but really funny and actually has a meaning behind it. Like, there aren’t always happy-endings but you still gotta go on with your life and do whatever the hell you want to do. Love isn’t predictiable, so is life. Okay, back to the movie.. it might be a little too cheesy for guys, but if you’re (a girl who’s) into romantic comedy movies, please watch it! :-) And the actress is soo beautiful, like.. wow so incredibly beautiful. So again, it’s no usual cheesy Hollywood-romance, but a nice movie (in my opinion).

Storyline: Stacy has a new job for a daytime talk show and is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend Derek. For some reason, Derek won’t talk about his previous relationships though, which makes Stacy wonder why. Barb, her co-worker, starts to egg her on to ‘research’ and Stacy sneaks a look at the organizer of her boyfriend, where she finds several information about his ex-girlfriends, which he hid from her. How’s that gonna end up?

my rating: 8/10
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